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Squirrels and other small animals


Bats are against common associations very useful animals. They are natural pesticide with ability to consume thousands of insects per hour. To attract bats to your yard, you’ll need to put up bat houses in strategic locations. The bottom of the house should be open ao that the bats could easily fly in and out. The inside of the house should have a rough surface so that bats can land on that. Houses should be hung on the tree or the wall of a building as high as possible and in the place not very distant from the water source.

Hedgehogs are the gardener’s friend because they eat slugs and snails and other pests that damage plants. You can encourage hedgehogs into your garden by leaving piles of leaves and twigs around for them to nest in, or by buying a wooden house for them.

Squirrels are attracted to areas with trees, gardens and other wildlife most notably because such areas offer a rich and plentiful food. Therefore if you have trees in your garden as; hazel, clone, sycamore, ash tree, putting on them the feeder for squirrel will be a good idea. Observing squirrels in the garden is a wonderful and fascinating experience. Their presence always attract your attention and they never stop to amuse you.

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