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In Europe we have an amazing wealth of insect species. Many of them are unrecognizable and ignored by people. By the identification of them and understanding their crucial needs, we can not only observe them and admire, but also contribute to survive endangered species for future generations. Many of small residents of our environment are fulfilling the very useful ecological role.

Beesplay a critical role in agriculture. The most important role honey bees play is actually not honey production, but pollination. Bees and wasps will not sting if they are not provoked. Attracting bees to the garden doesn’t need to be difficult, assembling the bee house can be a first step.

Ladybirdsplay an important role in agriculture as it preys on a wide array of plant-eating insects which damage crops, particularly early in the growing season. One of the best ways to attract them to your garden is to provide a safe, dry environment for ladybirds to breed, feed and overwinter in. The ladybirds house has a hollow central chamber that can be filled with dry hay, leaves or straw, which the ladybirds reach through the holes drilled in the side. The house can be positioned amongst plants or hung from a branch, etc.

A butterfly house is a wonderful way to keep these beautiful creatures near your garden. It provides a safe shelter from wind and also predators that hunt them for food. To ensure that you have a lot of butterflies visiting your garden, simply build a few of these houses and add them to a landscape that features several butterfly-friendly plants.

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