SOD - Manufacturer of boxes, feeders, climbing poles for animals


  • Dog kennels

    Dog kennels

    Our dog kennels ensure that your dog has a place where they can always feel warm, sheltered from the elements and secure. The wooden dog kennel...

  • Cat trees

    Cat trees

    Cats like sleeping, they love to curl up in some warm, cosy place and just lie in. That is why our cat trees are in most of cases equipped with...

  • Bird feeders

    Bird feeders

    A bird table will be at its most popular and valuable when natural food is in short supply; usually from October to April. Providing birds with...

  • Rabbit hutches

    Rabbit hutches

    Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets. They are adorable and brimming with personality. Rabbits are social animals, they like the company of other...

  • Rodent items

    Rodent items

    In this section we can show off the wide range of accessories for small rodents in various sizes and shapes. There are houses or a natural toys...

  • Garden items

    Garden items

    More and more people prefers wooden elements of garden architecture than the ones made of plastic. Natural outlook of wood and its neutral...

  • Kid items

    Kid items

    The wooden sandpit is excellent choice for your child. It is one of the most popular places of playing for small children in a home garden....

  • Insect items

    Insect items

    In Europe we have an amazing wealth of insect species. Many of them are unrecognizable and ignored by people. By the identification of them and...

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